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I got to work with @elonofficial

mad cool nigga, mad cool! -_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_=-_ LISTEN TO MY NEW CHUNES! I GOT TO WORK WITH LAIN!

It’s like a ride through space with that special somebody.

Love it

Sep 1, 2014

Not trying to be depressing or anything but…

I’m starting to think the search for god will never be complete until you die. So what’s the point in all this. I mean I know you are supposed to be good and treat the earth nice or whatever but what’s the point? If all types of ppl fight, animals fight, and everything in the universe is violent then what’s the purpose of fighting for peace if death and destruction are both part if gods plan?

These are merely questions that run through my head everyday. And just because I have these questions doesn’t mean I won’t continue doing what I feel is good. It’s just sometimes I with I knew ppl with questions and thoughts like mine do we can discuss or maybe even figure something’s out…


reminder to myself
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reminder to myself

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Idk what we got to do but something has to be done. There’s so many levels to this shit but we as a people haven’t scratched at least one of those levels yet

Enlightenment is not becoming a different person; it’s becoming the person you already are without any hesitation or any reservation — having the insight, and the courage, and the openness — to be the person you already are, and to trust the wisdom that’s already within.
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But is anyone going to talk about the fact that 71% of Baltimore wants to allow the use of drones to collect information on us. Yet y’all rallying for a nigga…ops I mean young black man cuz you can’t say nigga when it’s a sensitive subject like a cop killing a young black man but when another nigga I mean young black man kills another he’s the next up in coming rap star…so y’all all hyped up for a young black man that got shot somewhere else which is sad but don’t care about anything that’s happening in your city? Y’all get all political for some weed tho. I mean who actually reads the paper or talks to their neighbor and not just the ones down the street street from you. BaltimoreWAKEupnow.

I ain’t angry neither am I upset I’m just giving an opinion nobody asked for lol

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I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature.. All of this is art to me.
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Living in the art district

Living here is…man idk how to describe it. It’s so many people here but I feel so alone. Surrounded by all this art and talent but I’m still not inspired. I guess being in between broke and homeless takes away from the creative process…everyday I see the same thing but the faces change. People running, people walking dogs, people talking on the phone, and people living but here I am. Bored hungry and uninspired. Maybe I should start writing again but then I ask myself why would I waste time doing that. Whenever I write something I would end up hating it and forgetting about it. What’s the point of wasting my time. No one will hear it no one will care. Just like this post. Some will read it some won’t but here I am in the art district wasting my time.

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If it wasn’t for social media.


I wouldn’t know anything about what’s going on around me. You know what I see on my news stations? The weather, what latest baseball game is going on & gas prices. I literally see nothing about what’s actually going on. Like I am actually flabbergasted at some of the things I’ve read and watched. This is crazy, heartbreaking & overwhelming.

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